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a medical training resource

The breaking of any bad news is often challenging - but patients newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s are all too often left feeling their interaction with their consultants had been cold and clinical.

With the support of medical professionals across the country, Kinetics has also been turned into a medical training resource - available to universities, hospitals and care centres to use in their training.

The power and benefit of this human story in opening up otherwise challenging dialogues has proven hugely beneficial to individuals from a variety of medical backgrounds already, from students to doctors.

“This project will enhance our experience and also demonstrate how the humanities and specifically narrative theatre can educate us all in a way that bioscientific data and theory cannot.”

- Dr James Gilbert, Devon and Exeter Hospital

“I’m a junior doctor and I really enjoyed the performance. It helped me to appreciate what it must be like for patients to deal with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. I think it would be really useful for medical students to watch.”

- Audience Feedback

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“an excellent communication of your experience of engagement with health care and brought home the impact illness can have, which I think we can at times be desensitised to. I think it was really valuable to see it and would hope that as many medics as possible would have a chance to view it.”

- Dr. Thom Proven, Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership

“I found the film thought-provoking, enjoyable and very professionally assembled. I’m sure it will be a very useful learning support for our undergraduates and others. Accept adapt and adjust is both memorable and well justified by the narrative.”

- Dr. Jim Gilbert, Devon and Exeter Hospital

“As a doctor who specialises in Parkinson’s, I thought Kinetics was inspirational. It did not gloss over or trivialise the problems encountered by people with PD and tackled the fact that it is a progressive condition and that medication can help the symptoms but is not curative and can have adverse reactions. At the same time it gave a powerful and positive message for people with PD to be in control and maximise their abilities. I thought Kinetics was brilliant from start to finish.”

- Dr.Khaled Amar, Consultant Physician at Royal Bournemouth Hospital

To request a ‘Training Toolkit’, please contact: